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J. Schlieker & Zonen B.V., located on the side of the river the Merwede, has continued to grow over the years as a reliable business partner in the Maritime world and construction sector. Since the start of Schlieker in 1868, Schlieker has built over 1050 vessels.


In 2012 Schlieker expanded their business by taking over a shipyard in Dordrecht. This shipyard is also located at the side of the Merwede river. Serving our customers even better and building larger project-based work, was the main purpose of expanding the business.


The daily management is now performed by René and Hans Slieker, respectively the fifth and sixth generation Slieker.



Schlieker is specialized in designing and building round bilge hull workboats to fully meet clients requirements and beyond. Schlieker works under the supervision of classification agencies such as Lloyd's. Besides the round bilge hull work boats, various ships and constructions in steel and aluminium can be built.

When building a ship, the attention for details are very important. Working with thin materials, is an example. Our skilled personnel is specialized in welding these thin materials and processing it into the ship. Welding thick materials, is also a specialism we can realize at Schlieker. Four of our welders are qualified to weld materials with thicknesses to 80 millimeter. 



Creativity and flexibility are characteristics, where we stand out. Our quote: 'Your wish, is our command'. Our work has an agreeable pricing due to a flat organisation and the productivity of a small company. Quality and restricted delivery is given high priority.




The family owned Schlieker shipyard is founded in 1868. The shipyard one of the oldest in the Netherlands. In 1868 Johannes Schlieker, the great-great-grandfather of the current manager René Slieker, buyed a parcel, to start his company.

Schlieker built a wooden shed himself, to accomplishment his big dream, building ships. The first ship built in the shed, needed to go through an opening with a breadth of 2,5 metre. At some point Schlieker started building bigger ships, which meant expanding his shed. Ships that could not be built in the shed, where built outside. These where the first signs of a growing business.


In the years that followed J. Schlieker & Zonen B.V. developed into a renowned shipyard, and passed on from father to son. Growth led in the demand to build a new shed. In 1965 the new production company was completed, which met the requirements of that time. With a surface of 260 square meter, Schlieker had the possibility to build larger ships. 

That's the reason that suppliers can deliver their materials at the company quickly and simple.

Quickly after the expansion of the shipyard, there was, again, a shortage of space. To solve the shortage of space, Schlieker built a second building. This one was located right next to the already located building in Sliedrecht.

At the time the Deltaworks in the Merwede were built, that lead to adjustments for the shipyard. Ships could not dock at the shipyard that easily anymore, due to the low water. This resulted in the purchase of a new crane. Also the outside area was expanded, so there was more space to build ships.

J. Schlieker & Zonen B.V. was the first company in Sliedrecht that equipped it’s shipyard with an roller door. Suppliers could easily deliver there materials.

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